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Katherine Chang Liu

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Artist Statement


In recent years my work often came from words.

From 2004 till 2015, my life was deeply involved with caring for my elderly parents.

I needed to set up strategies to continue to work. Sometimes an idea can hold my focus and keep me going for a long series. I keep a notebook for such ideas.

During one difficult period, I managed to stay alert by imagining what the color of the light in their hospital room might be at each of the 24 hours and took notes: 7AM, silver gray, quiet with numbers ticking on monitors; 7PM, color turned lavender, visiting hour, with children’s running foot steps and laughter in the hallway.

I carried small amount of art supplies with me everywhere to keep working.

Both of my parents lived to around 100, my sister and I got even closer to them during those years. It was a period we look back with gratitude. I painted the painting “Cartwheels Cross the Floor” (borrowed from the song “Whiter Shade of Pale”) to pay tribute to my Dad. During his last three years, he was wheelchair bound, but he maintained a high spirit of curiosity. I was taught so much as a child by my Dad. It will not be the last painting I make about him.

My job and my hobby are the same, painting, it is the most gratifying thing I do. My painting process is a process of addition and subtraction, during which I try to edit the image down to only what is needed.







Katherine Chang Liu received her MS degree from the University of California, Berkeley. She was a recipient of the National Endowment for the Arts and the Virginia Commission of Arts and Humanities.


Liu had 43 solo exhibitions; at colleges, museums and galleries in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Fe (New Mexico), Long Island (NY); as well as galleries in Copenhagen (Denmark), Lyon (France), Rome (Italy), Turku (Finland), Hong Kong and Taiwan.


In the early part of her career, Liu was more active in competitive exhibits, winning 45 awards. She has since been invited to serve as juror or co-juror for over 60 national, regional and state-wide art competitions, including the 2018 Wisconsin Biennial at the Museum of Wisconsin Art.

The Watercolor USA Honor Society honored her with the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012, she is one of few woman painters who received that honor.


Katherine Chang Liu has exhibited in over 100 invitational exhibits, and was included in the Chicago Navy Pier Show, Art Miami, Art Paris, Art Copenhagen, Art Santa Fe, and the Los Angeles Art Show.

In recent years she also exhibited in international invitationals in Korea, Macau, Hong Kong, China, Thailand and Singapore.

Her work has been featured in 104 magazine and newspaper articles, as well as 40 books.


Katherine’s work is in over 1100 Public, corporate and private collections.

Public collections include the Virginia Museum; the Chrysler Museum of Art (VA); Palm Springs Desert Museum (CA); Western VA Museum (VA); Hickory Art Museum (NC); State Collection of Baja; the Art Association of Aga, Finland; Musée de la Communication, Bern, Switzerland; the Institute of Contemporary Art, Lyon, France; and Macau City Museum of Art (Macau).

Her work is also included in the collection of US Department of State; Utah State University Harrison Museum; Georgetown University; Center for Employment Law; Virginia Tech University and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.